Coast to Coast - Splat!Freqz FX!

Coast to Coast - Splat!Freqz FX!

Splat!Freqz FX is rocking radio stations from NY to LA and worldwide.

Hot 97 in New York City was among the first to get behind Splat!Freqz and now it's heard on the World Famous 106.7 KROQ in Los Angeles.

"This stuff is amazing!! LOVE the variety, too. You are killin' it with this stuff!!"
TREVOR SHAND, Imaging, KROQ, Los Angeles
Here's the story behind Splat!Freqz FX:

Two of radio’s most unique creative forces, Splat! Radio Imaging and Sound Freqz Sound Design, teamed up for a co-branded project - Splat!Freqz Audio Production FX.

Splat!Freqz is a 125 track buyout FX package produced by renowned sound designer Joe D’Agostin and shaped to the specifications of radio producers who demand easy to use, high-impact, sonically superior audio effects.  Logically designed and structured, Splat!Freqz integrates seamlessly with CHR, Urban, Rock, Talk, Sports, Alternative and any format that demands functional, highly creative production sounds.

Industry buzz for Splat!Freqz was instant as it made an impact at stations including KROQ Los Angeles, Hot 97 New York, CHUM-FM Toronto and WMMR/WMGK Philadelphia.

Here's what Trevor Shand, Imager for the World Famous KROQ, has to say about Splat!Freqz FX:

"Its like a whole new box of Legos to play with. This stuff is amazing!! You are killin' it with this library!"

With instant download at purchase, Splat!Freqz is an affordable, high-quality FX package for radio stations and freelance producers and it's available exclusively on this website.

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